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2 years ago

Free Streaming Sex Flash Movies - Raw Gonzo

We oscillations around 7 years, and like most women to share it all started with a friend along with a few boys and two pairs, which we saw on a fairly regular basis, often... from top to bottom, awesome is my wife a man becomes a woman to be a fucking awesome for vitually anyone to play with men or women, who dosent play a role, and rawgonzo rewarded by one of the best damn or have had... You have to trust me!, And I love every second of it ! Max ( my wife) is 40, to die with an amazing body, amazing tits and legs with slender rawgonzo ankles very sexy, she is always clean-shaven and always wears a gold belly chain, bracelets and finger rings the foot. They rawgonzo only go in heels, stockings and dressed to kill.. in a classical way, and only play with me ! Max has only one flaw... fucking hate pre-arranged meetings, she is very nurvous to take new people, and gets'wound up ' for weeks before, lOves the " moment" - a situation where if we play in gel, that The story I want to convey to you goes back about 3 years... I have some friends, rawgonzo Sam Neil, who are long-standing business partners, both married and the "play out", and two had met in the rawgonzo regular work functions Max. I could say that, if given the chance, want to get into Max G -string, and a few beers one night, I told some of our past actions... you really have to go ! We are lucky, a motor yacht that we have one of the Spanish coast, and asked the boys if they thought they could get their wives for a long weekend... who said they could... So I told them thay Max goimg us at one of our trips to Spain, who agreed to join. the week came and flew to Spain on Wednesday and Sam Neil went on Thursday. The first night was very relaxed, scheduled to begin with... a couple of drinks in the back of the boat enjoying the nightSun, followed by a delicious meal in a restaurant. M had dressed for the occasion, as always, showed black heels, stockings, a coat -on- black round skirt, a lot of legs and a coat, a cream top pleasant throughout the year showing the curves T their beautiful tits impressive. My immediate thought was " returned to his "... it looked awesome! We made the meal quite well fed and watered, and they all sat down for a drink.. the couch was a rawgonzo U shape and Max sat in a corner with my body on one side of her and Neil on the other side sat down with Sam Max Max.. I rawgonzo always need to help break the ice, so I put the leg carressing high on the rock first, then running his hand under her skirt, making sure that the rock was falling apart, more and more of your legs , appeared at the top of people... in fact had nothing against her nipples were very hard, that through his superior, who was actually in the program of my hand, gave the other guys leg... Neil has taken the first step to come, andcarressing ed me on the other leg... have unfolded to us his hands up her leg, she dressed Tilly pussy exploration run, I am the first to penetrate wet fingers wet pus, but Neil was rawgonzo there with me, she twisted her fingers for a few minutes then slid into the seat so they could not open her legs wide, so that Sam and we enableing good view in the same right a... Neil began rawgonzo carressing her tits and in seconds they were both sucking her nipples with Neil for everything it was worth, Sam could'nt stand it any longer, turned and went stright to push hot pus soaking her tongue to the right and licking it all.. love juice on her clit Max is a woman very vocal when it comes to sex, and was now accelerating, with a soft moan at first, but the more I worked on his body, stronger than befitted his earth-shattering first orgasam... Meanwhile, most of her clothes, except for hold StockiNGS and heels, and soon joined her, like us. She rubbed any cock that could get their hands on and now the first ( Neil) made ​​his way to
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